Max Mara Hosiery…

MaxMara Hosiery-00Italian luxury for your legs… “Max Mara Hosiery” from beautiful Reggio Emilia…

I happened to come across a pair of these whilst making a run to the cosmetics counter the other day. I had never seen them before and was curious so I grabbed them on the way to the register. Not Wolford to be sure but a nice surprise and relatively affordable (especially if they’re on sale!!!) I ‘snagged‘ myself some lovely 13 denier floral stockings and 20 denier floral tights.

The selection is fairly limited but the quality is good, the styles are differnt enough to be interesting and let’s face it, I’ve just got to grab something new I’ve not yet had the opportunity to try! Especially when it comes to stockings!…

MaxMara Hosiery-01 MaxMara Hosiery-02 MaxMara Hosiery-03 MaxMara Hosiery-04
MaxMara Hosiery-05 MaxMara Hosiery-06 MaxMara Hosiery-07 MaxMara Hosiery-08
MaxMara Hosiery-09 MaxMara Hosiery-10 MaxMara Hosiery-11 MaxMara Hosiery-12
MaxMara Hosiery-13 MaxMara Hosiery-14 MaxMara Hosiery-15 MaxMara Hosiery-16
MaxMara Hosiery-17 MaxMara Hosiery-18 MaxMara Hosiery-19 MaxMara Hosiery-20
MaxMara Hosiery-21 MaxMara Hosiery-22 MaxMara Hosiery-23 MaxMara Hosiery-24
MaxMara Hosiery-25 MaxMara Hosiery-26 MaxMara Hosiery-27 MaxMara Hosiery-28
MaxMara Hosiery-29 MaxMara Hosiery-30 MaxMara Hosiery-31 MaxMara Hosiery-32
MaxMara Hosiery-33 MaxMara Hosiery-34 MaxMara Hosiery-35 MaxMara Hosiery-36
MaxMara Hosiery-37 MaxMara Hosiery-38 MaxMara Hosiery-39 MaxMara Hosiery-40
  • Sheer 20 denier floral pattern, fil coupe design tights
  • Sheer 20 denier micro floral pattern tights (finished with lace briefs!)
  • Sheer 20 denier lurex, ton sur ton, polka dot tights
  • Matte 30 denier nude look, matte, double covered tulle, lycra tights
  • Sheer 20 denier raschel fishnet tights
  • Sheer 20 denier all over micro floral pattern socks
  • Sheer 20 denier ton sur ton jacquard lace design, micro fishnet socks
  • Sheer 13 denier floral band double silicon, single covered stockings
  • Sheer 30 denier nude look, double covered tights
  • Sheer 20 denier floral fil coupe design tights
  • Sheer 10 denier nude look, single covered tights

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