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Giulia-00Speak a bit of Russian do you? Well, even if you don’t, you can wrap your legs in some wonderful Ukrainian legwear from “Giulia Hosiery!” All you need is a quick skip across to the U.K. and a stop in a tiny, little legwear shop.

I found a pair of these stockings whilst traveling on business recently and as per my standard operating procedure just couldn’t resist trying something new! And I’m glad I did because it introduced me to a wonderful new line of luxurious legwear!

Giulia is a producer of women’s tights, seamless linen and hosiery products. The company has been operating since 2000 and it is steadily expanding its production facilities and increasing the range of products, available throught ever expanding European markets.

Giulia-01 Giulia-02 Giulia-03 Giulia-04
Giulia-05 Giulia-06 Giulia-07 Giulia-08
Giulia-09 Giulia-10 Giulia-11 Giulia-12
Giulia-13 Giulia-14 Giulia-15 Giulia-16
Giulia-17 Giulia-18 Giulia-19 Giulia-20

Styles cover the full range of women’s hosiery, from the spring and autumn collections which take into account the climate requirements of the winter, incorporating wool, cotton and microfibers. Their products, for women who have active lifestyles, and business women, provide for comfort and warmth in winter.

Giulia-21 Giulia-22 Giulia-23 Giulia-24
Giulia-25 Giulia-26 Giulia-27 Giulia-28

Collections include both classic lines and unique fantasy items with a constantly refreshing assortment of tights in different price categories and covering a full range of sizes. Their products are carried in shops throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, and England.

Giulia-29 Giulia-30 Giulia-31 Giulia-32
Giulia-33 Giulia-34 Giulia-35 Giulia-36
Giulia-37 Giulia-38 Giulia-39 Giulia-40
Giulia-41 Giulia-42 Giulia-43 Giulia-44

Knitwear is produced with advanced Italian technologies on equipment from Italy, Germany, the USA, Japan, and the Czech Republic, using raw materials, yarns and materials from the world’s leading production plants: Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel, Korea, China, Turkey, Poland, and Romania.

Check out these wonderful lookbook plates!

Giulia-45 Giulia-46 Giulia-47 Giulia-48
Giulia-49 Giulia-50 Giulia-51 Giulia-52

And finally, a wonderful look at their fabulous showroom!

Giulia-53 Giulia-54 Giulia-56 Giulia-57
Giulia-58 Giulia-59 Giulia-60 Giulia-61
Giulia-62 Giulia-63 Giulia-64 Giulia-65

Available From Giulia Hosiery

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