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leota-00I love my wraps and recently found some real treats from “Leota” in New York…

Founder Sarah Carson Cloud launched Leota in 2010 with her first spring collection. Boutiques across the country quickly took notice of the line’s easy to wear fabrics and fashion-forward silhouettes. Inspired by the era of classic Hollywood glamour, Loeta has crafted a line of dresses that help women add a touch of glamour into their everyday routines. What started with a pile of polka-dot fabric and a lifetime of dreaming has become a full fledged women’s fashion line offering three seasonal collections carried in over 300 boutiques nationwide. The range of styles is ever expanding and currently includes day-to-night dresses, separates and accessories.

Sarah chose to name the line after her great-grandmother, whose classic elegance and persistent optimism defines every aspect of the brand. Since 2010, every Leota garment has been cut and sewn in New York City by local artisans who pay attention to every detail and stitch to deliver an expertly constructed garment with premium quality and value.

leota-01 leota-02 leota-03 leota-04
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leota-09 leota-10 leota-11 leota-12
  • Perfect Wrap Dress (Blue Kaleidoscope)
  • Catherine Dress (Spice Kaleidoscope)
  • Sweetheart Dress (Hummingbird)
  • Gwyneth Dress (Black/White Geo)
  • Circle Dress (Chili)
  • Perfect Wrap Dress (Spice Plaid)
  • Sweetheart Dress (Fan)
  • Scarf Dress (Pansy)
  • Ava Dress (Fan)
  • Catherine Dress (Black/White Geo)
  • Bubble Dress (Black)
  • Blouson Dress (Pinwheel)

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