Gossard Retrolution Collection…

Gossard Retrolution-00The “Gossard Retrolution Collection” – inspired by a unique vintage style for a pin-up stunning plunge back in time. This lingerie is sirens-going-off-five-alarm sexy!

First, two things about Gossard: one, pick your pieces carefully and two, Gossard is truly magnificent lingerie! I say choose carefully because not all of their lingerie is for every particular type of girl. In my case (at least) the brassieres do not seem to fit me just as I’d like them to. I’ve purchased three (in my size of course) from different collections over the last five years and only one fits me even close to how it should. It’s probably just me… Panties, slips, shapewear, girdles, bodysuits – they all fit me like a glove.

Does Gossard make gloves I wonder? I digress…

Gossard Retrolution-01 Gossard Retrolution-02 Gossard Retrolution-03

Following is a short selection from the Retrolution line. I have the ‘Waist Cincher‘ and ‘Retrolution Slip‘. Love them both but I usually go sans garters… Enjoy…

Retrolution Waist Cincher

Gossard Retrolution-04 Gossard Retrolution-05 Gossard Retrolution-06 Gossard Retrolution-07 Gossard Retrolution-08

Retrolution Thong

Gossard Retrolution-09 Gossard Retrolution-10 Gossard Retrolution-11 Gossard Retrolution-12 Gossard Retrolution-13

Retrolution Staylo Plunge Bra

Gossard Retrolution-14 Gossard Retrolution-15 Gossard Retrolution-16 Gossard Retrolution-17 Gossard Retrolution-18

Retrolution Corset

Gossard Retrolution-19 Gossard Retrolution-20 Gossard Retrolution-21 Gossard Retrolution-22 Gossard Retrolution-23

Retrolution Half Padded Bra

Gossard Retrolution-24 Gossard Retrolution-25 Gossard Retrolution-26 Gossard Retrolution-27 Gossard Retrolution-28

Retrolution Brief

Gossard Retrolution-29 Gossard Retrolution-30 Gossard Retrolution-31 Gossard Retrolution-32 Gossard Retrolution-33

Retrolution Slip

Gossard Retrolution-34 Gossard Retrolution-35 Gossard Retrolution-36 Gossard Retrolution-37 Gossard Retrolution-38

Availavle From Gossard

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