DIM Sum?… I Mean Some DIM!…

DIM 2016-00You need not be fluent in French to flash a bit of fantastic French style (or a bit of leg!)… Simply slide on some of this absolutely fantastic “DIM Hosiery” from their 2016 collection!

I found DIM years ago (when I lived in Switzerland!) and just couldn’t get enough. Their sheers are fantastic and make a wonderful choice in the morning for an elegant finish to any outfit. I’d also suggest you take a look at some of their fashion tights and textures for some really great options to help shake things up a bit. Plus, they’re French so get out a silky little scarf too and really make a statement.

“DIM, an iconic brand that has symbolized both femininity and masculinity over the last 50 years. With it’s body and material expertise, DIM has relentlessly pioneered products that celebrate the beauty of the body and enhance personal well-being.”

Oh yes, as a special treat, check out the trailer for this wonderful little film: ‘The Glamorous History of DIM‘… A film about hosiery! How cool is that!!!

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DIM 2016-09 DIM 2016-10 DIM 2016-11 DIM 2016-12
DIM 2016-13 DIM 2016-14 DIM 2016-15 DIM 2016-16
DIM 2016-17 DIM 2016-18 DIM 2016-19 DIM 2016-20
DIM 2016-21 DIM 2016-22 DIM 2016-23 DIM 2016-24
DIM 2016-25 DIM 2016-26 DIM 2016-27 DIM 2016-28
DIM 2016-29 DIM 2016-30 DIM 2016-31 DIM 2016-32
DIM 2016-33 DIM 2016-34 DIM 2016-35 DIM 2016-36
DIM 2016-37 DIM 2016-38 DIM 2016-39 DIM 2016-40
DIM 2016-41 DIM 2016-42 DIM 2016-43 DIM 2016-44
DIM 2016-45 DIM 2016-46 DIM 2016-47 DIM 2016-48
  • Collant DIM Signature Noir Plumetis 12D
  • Collant DIM Signature Beige Naturel Voile Divin 10D
  • Collant Ecureuil Diam’s Voile Galbé 22D
  • Collant Jour Diam’s Voile Galbé 22D
  • Collant Peau Dorée Diam’s Jambes Fuselées 25D
  • Collant Peau Dorée Diam’s Ventre Plat 25D
  • Collant Capri Sublim Voile Brillant 15D
  • Collant Sublim Voile Beige Eclat Voile Effet BB Cream 16D
  • Collant Beauty Resist Ambre Transparent 15D
  • Collant Beige Nature Sublim Absolu Resist 15D
  • Collant Caramel AbsoluFlex Transparent 20D
  • Collant Chocolat Opaque Velouté 40D Madame So Daily
  • Collant Ficelle Maille Côtelée 158D Madame So Cosy
  • Collant Noir Ecailles De Dentelle Madame So Chic 24D
  • Collant Noir Et Deige Imprimé Léopard Madame So Fashion 30D
  • Collant Noir Plumetis Ajourés Madame So Daily
  • Collant Noir Ramage Madame So Chic 22D
  • Collant Noir Tulle Géométrique Madame So Daily 32D
  • Collant Noir Voile Bijoux 23D Madame So Chic
  • DIM Up Sublim Beige Doré Voile Brillant 15D
  • DIM Up Beige Doré Nude Sensation Semi-Opaque 25D
  • Bas up Noirs Transparents DIM Up Easy 15D
  • DIM Up Cannelle Beauty Resist Transparent 20D
  • DIM Up Peau Dorée Body Touch Voile 20D

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