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Albert Nipon Jacket & Belted Sheath Dress

nippon-sheath-00I usually like darker colors in the office; blues, blacks and greys. These let me show my feminine (and fashionable) side while remaining conservative and professional. But lately, I’ve been on a bit of a color kick. New to my hangers is this lovely ‘Albert Nipon Jacket & Belted Sheath Dress.’

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Giorgio Armani Jersey Zip Jacket & Pencil Skirt…

armani-jersey-zip-00The ‘Giorgio Armani Jersey Zip Jacket & Pencil Skirt‘ has everything a girl needs for the office (except shoes!) This stunning suit gives a very tailored, professional look while maintaining a strictly feminine allure.

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Armani Collezioni Three-Button Pant Suit…

armani-pantsuit01Armani Collezioni Three-Button Jacket & Classic Straight-Leg Pants‘ in black. Saw this at Neiman’s today. Ohmygozsch! I stood there for a good ten minutes with my mouth wide open (had to shoo two sales ladies away!) I almost bought this but it’s pricey and I don’t need it.

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