New Work Dresses…

july-dresses00A “few” additions to my closet over the past few months – enhancements to the work wardrobe. I’ll usually throw one of these on when I’m not leaving the office or seeing anyone special. These also give me a chance to wear LOTS of different shoes!

Most of the time I slip on a bodysuit underneath these for a smooth, flawless look! (More on those later!) Enjoy

july-dresses01 july-dresses01a july-dresses02 july-dresses02a
july-dresses03 july-dresses03a july-dresses04 july-dresses04a
july-dresses05 july-dresses05a july-dresses06 july-dresses06a
july-dresses07 july-dresses07a july-dresses08 july-dresses08a
july-dresses09 july-dresses09a july-dresses10 july-dresses10a
july-dresses11 july-dresses11a july-dresses12 july-dresses12a

From Top Left Above

  • KamaliKulture – Turtleneck Dress (Black)
  • Jones New York – MJ Cowl Draped Dress (Blue)
  • Suzi Chin – Long Sleeve Dress (Hummus/Yankee Blue)
  • Donna Ricco – Drape V-Neck Jersey Dress (Purple)
  • KamaliKulture – Long Sleeve Side Draped Dress (Black)
  • Jones New York – Wrap Dress (Mushroom)
  • David Meister – Cross V-Neck Jersey Dress (Dark Blue)
  • Jones New York – MJ Cowl Neck Tie Belt Dress (Purple)
  • Nine West – Solid Jersey Blouson Top Dress With Fitted Skirt (Black)
  • Alex & Ava – Komarov Jersey Wrap Dress (Blue)
  • Donna Ricco – Cowl Neck Matte Jersey Dress (Ink)
  • KamaliKulture – Long Sleeve Side Draped Dress (Black/White)

There are far too many here for me to even try and list all the places I found them

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