Ballerina Hosiery 2015 Lookbook…

Ballerina LB15-00Wrap your legs in some of this magnificent hosiery and you will dance across the room like a Ballerina! In the mean time, wrap your eyes around these fabulous styles from the “Ballerina Hosiery 2015 Lookbook”

Ballerina of Poland has one of Europe’s fastest growing, and most beautiful hosiery collections. They pride themselves in creating a unique collection of hosiery using specialist, modern machinery. Their focus is on elegance and comfort in all of their designs, and attention to quality is what makes them stand out. Their experience and expertise in creating unique collections of high quality tights and stockings are the result of skilled designers, qualified technologists and superior production. They currently produce more than 150 different styles across several lines and their products are available in the largest European markets from London to Paris to Moscow. Their collections include:

  • Fashion Tights & Stockings
  • Bridal Tights & Stockings
  • Moisturizing Tights, Stockings & Socks
  • Tights & Stockings With Pheromones (Yes, Pheromones!)
Ballerina LB15-01 Ballerina LB15-02 Ballerina LB15-03 Ballerina LB15-04
Ballerina LB15-05 Ballerina LB15-06 Ballerina LB15-07 Ballerina LB15-08
Ballerina LB15-09 Ballerina LB15-10 Ballerina LB15-11 Ballerina LB15-12
Ballerina LB15-13 Ballerina LB15-14 Ballerina LB15-15 Ballerina LB15-16
Ballerina LB15-17 Ballerina LB15-18 Ballerina LB15-19 Ballerina LB15-20
Ballerina LB15-21 Ballerina LB15-22 Ballerina LB15-23 Ballerina LB15-24
Ballerina LB15-25 Ballerina LB15-26 Ballerina LB15-27 Ballerina LB15-28
Ballerina LB15-29 Ballerina LB15-30 Ballerina LB15-31 Ballerina LB15-32
Ballerina LB15-33 Ballerina LB15-34 Ballerina LB15-35 Ballerina LB15-36
Ballerina LB15-37 Ballerina LB15-38 Ballerina LB15-39 Ballerina LB15-40
Ballerina LB15-41 Ballerina LB15-42 Ballerina LB15-43 Ballerina LB15-44
Ballerina LB15-45 Ballerina LB15-46 Ballerina LB15-47 Ballerina LB15-48
Ballerina LB15-49 Ballerina LB15-50 Ballerina LB15-51 Ballerina LB15-52
Ballerina LB15-53 Ballerina LB15-54 Ballerina LB15-55 Ballerina LB15-56
Ballerina LB15-57 Ballerina LB15-58 Ballerina LB15-59 Ballerina LB15-60
Ballerina LB15-61 Ballerina LB15-62 Ballerina LB15-63 Ballerina LB15-64
Ballerina LB15-65 Ballerina LB15-66 Ballerina LB15-67 Ballerina LB15-68
Ballerina LB15-69 Ballerina LB15-70 Ballerina LB15-71

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