Trasparenze “Canada” Back Seam Hold-Ups…

Trasparenze Canada-00Trasparenze Canada Back Seam Hold-Ups” – Wow! OMG! Ouch! Ooh! Ahh! Yeah! Yup! Yes! & Yummie!

Trasparenze is certainly having fun with their designs. “Canada” winds back the clock to the years when women needed to draw the back seams on their bare legs when stockings were extremely scarce do to nylon production during the war.

“Canada” is a very clever design indeed. What embodies Italian style and what would suit a pair of hold-ups that bear its name? Trasparenze have delved deep into their cultural knowledge and added a tasteful touch of French beauty. The tiny hands at the bottom of the seam are done in black with a white fluffy frill. Reminds you of a French maid, almost. And add the delightful little paintbrush and you have the perfect vision of a French bohemian artist. “Canada” is delicate, artistic and imaginative, everything a Trasparenze design should be.

Trasparenze Canada-01 Trasparenze Canada-02 Trasparenze Canada-03 Trasparenze Canada-04
Trasparenze Canada-05 Trasparenze Canada-06 Trasparenze Canada-07 Trasparenze Canada-08

A 20 denier sheer yarn that feels ever so silky and light is accentuated with the hand drawing motif with the Cuban heel acting as the ink well. Very cute!…

  • 15 denier
  • Back seam with a “twist”
  • Sheer toes
  • 5 cm band with double silicone banding
  • Fully boarded
  • 90% Polyamide
  • 10% Elastane
  • Made in Italy!

Available from Trasparenze

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