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franchi-00“Elisabetta Franchi” is truly a diamond in the rough! Original, sophisticated, stylish, Italian designs from one of Europe’s most creative women. Her clothes will be expanding my wardrobe for years to come…

Words can not express the joy I felt when I came across this designer. Yes, her apparel is pricey but simply adding a few key pieces to your closet over time will beautifully enhance your style (you could of course just splurge and treat yourself to something you can’t afford!)

BTW, I’ve added her to my “Where To Shop” section – you definately need to check her out! With that in mind I present these fabulous selections from her fall 2013 collection! Enjoy!…

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franchi-13 franchi-14 franchi-15 franchi-16
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franchi-25 franchi-26 franchi-27 franchi-28
franchi-29 franchi-30 franchi-31 franchi-32
franchi-33 franchi-34 franchi-35 franchi-36
franchi-37 franchi-38 franchi-39 franchi-40

“Determined, simple and sophisticated: Elisabetta Franchi’s recipe is one in which fashion exalts  femininity in all its myriad of facets. A style that succeeds in being simultaneously avant-garde and yet timeless, thanks to the contribution of the superb quality of Made in Italy products. “I feel I am a fundamentalist of an evolved femininity. A modern, feminine style with a silhouette that is instantly recognizable at first glance: pencil skirts, platform-soled shoes and jackets with slim lines, articles that are agile just as much as they are seductive. I have never fallen short of this philosophy”. Elisabetta’s world is made of seduction, spontaneous elegance and an independent spirit.”

Elisabetta Franchi

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