Shoe Fetish: Joan & David Nikilyn Studded Ankle-Wrap Sandals…

Nikilyn-00I’ve just arrived from work having spent the past ten hours in a pair of 4″ Angiolini slingbacks, thus my feet aren’t necessarily at their best and I’m still wearing my stockings (which also aren’t necessarily at their best!) So, with that said here are my thoughts about my “Joan & David Nikilyn Studded Ankle-Wrap Sandals”which I’m currently sampling…

First, this is absolutely my favorite style of footwear: stiletto, 4″ heel, rounded toe, ankle-strap (from the sides not from the back!), no platform and all natural leather. I have about a dozen pair in this style and worship each and every one (they are few and far between!) These are also quite unique (another super-duper bonus) so there’s that.

Sandals by nature are often unstable and unfortunately these are no exception. One should avoid stocking here. I find that the natural moisture in my skin helps keep them from slipping too much while walking – hosiery can make it most difficult at times. There’s also the style thing about stockings with sandals to consider…

The fit is good, true to size, and the ankle straps fit snug and comfortably. The main downside is the studs. Inside the toe, the back of the studs are uncovered and although flat and smooth, they do directly contact the tops of your feet. Thus, prolonged wear can get a bit uncomfortable. For what I paid (almost US $100) I would have expected the studs to be covered inside with an additional layer of leather (note to the designers!) This is unfortunate – perhaps they were designed by men… probably straight men…

I dig the style and have a feeling these will come in handy one day so I’ll hang on to them but they’re most certainly not a mainstay. Too bad, so sad… I’ll just have to try satisfying myself with another pair of something else… What a dilemma…

Nikilyn-01 Nikilyn-02 Nikilyn-03
Nikilyn-04 Nikilyn-05 Nikilyn-06
Nikilyn-07 Nikilyn-08 Nikilyn-09
Nikilyn-10 Nikilyn-11 Nikilyn-12
  • Strappy sandal
  • Golden stud detail
  • Leather upper
  • Leather sole
  • 4″ covered skinny heel
  • Lightly padded insole
  • Round toe
  • Low-cut vamp
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Available in black & natural

Available From Joan & David…

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