Point d’Esprit ?…

Bodysuits are a staple of my wardrobe… Whether it’s something slinky under a business suit or simple cotton with comfy jeans, layered with an easy top, bodysuits are always a great option… I must have fifty or sixty myself ranging from simple, inexpensive, everyday styles to very high-end, designer lingerie for “special occasions.”

I’m not picky – I look for quality, comfort, fit and stylish choices (as I do with most things fashion-wise)…

A few weeks back I stayed with a girlfriend after a late night out and in the morning she threw me a little something to wear for our walk down the street to get a coffee (geeeeez I really needed one too! Ugh! Vodka!)…I Digress! I slipped it on, pulled on a pair of jeans, slipped on a flannel (open), flats (yes flats!!!!) and I was good to go. So what did she toss me? Really, you’d ask a lady about her unmentionables?

The “Point d’Esprit Bodysuit“… in purple (my favorite!). I was feeling wonderful and completely taken away with this! As it turned out, it was a but snug on her so she let me keep it (I bought her coffee). As with most things in life, why have just one when you can have two, three, four or more – so off I went to grab up a few while I still could and I was absolutely shocked… Available for under $15.00 at Forever 21!… I expected to pay a great deal more and be shopping elsewhere

Super fit, great quality, nice detailing, the straps don’t dig in, the underwire isn’t annoying, the snap crotch is nice and it “breathes” really well. This bodysuit features lightly padded balconette cups, wide adjustable straps, elastic trimmings, a built-in underwire, a double snap button closure crotch and it’s made from semi-sheer knit (body & trim: 88% nylon, 12% spandex; lining polyester/cotton, hand wash).

Overall, a serious find for the price – I was genuinely surprised. This will be nice to wear when it comes up in the “rotation” next time…

Available at Forever 21


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