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picos-01If you ever get to America’s 4th largest city look beyond the swanky, upscale districts and you’ll find some truly hidden gems. Oh so delicioso“Pico’s” offers absolutely magnificent, authentic Mexican food in a beautiful new location with truly excellent service.

I only found this because one of the hotel staff told me about a place he takes his daughter (and one he periodically visits for a margarita or two after work!) I wasn’t expecting what I walked into and I walked out completely memorized.

My wonderful meal:

picos-02 picos-03

Quesadillas de Salmón
Fresh flour tortillas filled with melted Cotija and Chihuahua cheeses and chilpotle smoked salmon, served with creamy chilpotle sauce (OMG! chilpotle smoked salmon & Chihuahua cheese… this was so delicious I almost wet myself!)

Huachinango Tikin-Xik
Red snapper filet, charbroiled on banana leaves, basted with achiote sauce, served with shredded cabbage, pickled red onions, Mexican rice and a side of Xni-pec (I do fish a few times a year – otherwise it’s all veggies – this dish had marvelous flavor, wasn’t overpowering and was seasoned perfectly!)

Esquites Mexicanos
Roasted corn kernels sautéed with minced onions, garlic and serrano peppers (I love all veggies… mmm…)

Dessert was a huge slice of caramel layer cake. I dove in so fast that I failed to snap a photo but trust me, it was naughty delicious… very naughty

About Pico’s
picos-04‘Realizing there were very few restaurants in Houston that served authentic Mexican food, Arnaldo Richards and his wife, Janice, opened Pico’s Mex-Mex Restaurant in April 1984. Today, at their new location on Kirby, Pico’s is recognized as one of Houston’s premier Mexican restaurants and Arnaldo has become one of the city’s most celebrated chefs.’

‘A great deal of Pico’s success can be attributed to the restaurant’s unique menu of authentic Mexican cuisine…the same kind of food Arnaldo grew up eating. Having parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who came from a diverse culinary landscape, Arnaldo created the menu at Pico’s to be a scrapbook of their favorite meals from the seven regions of Mexico. From the Yucatán comes the method of cooking meats wrapped in banana leaves. The Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific provide the fresh seafood that Arnaldo cooks with grilled onions and poblano peppers. And, the sophisticated sauces come from the Mexico City region.’

Pico’s Mex-Mex

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