I Love You Mom!…

I Love You MomAfter a very long, very painful battle with a terrible disease, my mom has finally moved on to whatever’s next for us all. All the best in me comes from her… I love you so very much, and I’ll miss and think of you every single day for the rest of my life. You’re the best mom!

So, I’ve taken some time off. I wanted to spend as much of the the last few weeks with her as I could, and then sending her off in style and handling her affairs, it was a lot for me. You might understand what this is like… Anyway, with all that and getting caught up at work, I just had to dip under and hide away from the world for a time.

But perk up children! Like the beautiful buds of spring I have emerged from my cocoon and have so much to say and share. So, keep your eyes peeled, come back often (every day would be good!) and cherish those you love!…

Cheers! – aubadegirl

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