L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

L'Agent 15-00Alrighty… AP is a great line, no question about it. But, with such a pricey tag, it’s difficult to buy in bulk or wear day in and day out. But, with the new diffusion line, “L’Agent by Agent Provocateur” you can have your cake and eat it too…

“Founded in 1994, Agent Provocateur has firmly established itself as a pre-eminent player in the luxury lingerie market. The brand is known for its edgy, yet fun, image and has high levels of recognition and customer loyalty. The company has recently launched a diffusion range, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, which is wholesaled through a dedicated transactional website and standalone L’Agent stores, as well as a new fragrance line licensed by Interparfums.”

I can buy pretty much whatever I want for myself (within reason of course!) but I find it very trying to fill my drawers full of $300 brassieres. Perhaps it’s a bit of guilt, perhaps I worry about over wearing (and wearing out) my naughty little treats, or perhaps I’m just crazy (probably!) Well, now one can get a bit of AP luxury without all that!

I’ve scooped up a half dozen of these pieces so far and have no complaints across the board. The quality is excellent, the selection is pretty good, the price is fair, and the fit and feel work well for me. So far, after a few months of selected use in my rotation, everything’s holding up nicely.

I’ve included a wide selection from their current line below so peruse, amuse then go snooze – and dream of wonderful lingerie!…

L'Agent 15-01 L'Agent 15-02 L'Agent 15-03 L'Agent 15-04
L'Agent 15-05 L'Agent 15-06 L'Agent 15-07 L'Agent 15-08
L'Agent 15-09 L'Agent 15-10 L'Agent 15-11 L'Agent 15-12
L'Agent 15-13 L'Agent 15-14 L'Agent 15-15 L'Agent 15-16
  • Danita Stretch Satin Demi Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in Valentino Red & Peacock
  • Idalia Demi Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in Black & Dark Pink
  • Idalia Sheer Lace Playsuit in Dark Pink & Black
  • Penelope Stretch Satin Balcony Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in Black & Nude
L'Agent 15-17 L'Agent 15-18 L'Agent 15-19 L'Agent 15-20
L'Agent 15-21 L'Agent 15-22 L'Agent 15-23 L'Agent 15-24
L'Agent 15-25 L'Agent 15-26 L'Agent 15-27 L'Agent 15-28
L'Agent 15-29 L'Agent 15-30 L'Agent 15-31 L'Agent 15-32
  • Rosalyn Flocked Sheer Tulle Balcony Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in Red & Black
  • Iana Bra, Brief & Suspender in Black/Gold & Blue/Gold
  • Rosalyn Flocked Sheer Tulle Basque in Red & Black
  • Vanesa Stretch Sheer Lace Basque in Black & White
L'Agent 15-33 L'Agent 15-34 L'Agent 15-35 L'Agent 15-36
L'Agent 15-37 L'Agent 15-38 L'Agent 15-39 L'Agent 15-40
L'Agent 15-41 L'Agent 15-42 L'Agent 15-43 L'Agent 15-44
L'Agent 15-45 L'Agent 15-46 L'Agent 15-47 L'Agent 15-48
  • Vanesa Demi Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in White & Violet
  • Mariona Open Bra, Tanga Brief & Suspender in Black
  • Mirabel Balcony Bra, Trixie & Suspender in Cream
  • Clementina Plunge Bra, Mini Brief & Suspender in Pink/Multi
  • Monica Plunge Bra, Brief & Suspender in Black/Gold
  • Alyce Fishnet Bodysuit in Black
  • Iana Playsuit in Blue/Gold
L'Agent 15-49 L'Agent 15-50 L'Agent 15-51 L'Agent 15-52
L'Agent 15-53 L'Agent 15-54 L'Agent 15-55 L'Agent 15-56
L'Agent 15-57 L'Agent 15-58 L'Agent 15-59 L'Agent 15-60
L'Agent 15-61 L'Agent 15-62 L'Agent 15-63 L'Agent 15-64
  • Marisela Satin Bodysuit in Black
  • Idalia Sheer Lace Short Gown in Black
  • Esma Slip in Claret
  • Marisela Stretch Satin Slip in Black
  • Penelope Satin Corset in Black
  • Penelope Satin Waspie in Black
  • Iana Basque in Black/Gold
  • Izarra Corselette in Black
L'Agent 15-65 L'Agent 15-66 L'Agent 15-67 L'Agent 15-68
L'Agent 15-69 L'Agent 15-70 L'Agent 15-71 L'Agent 15-72
L'Agent 15-73 L'Agent 15-74 L'Agent 15-75 L'Agent 15-76
  • Mariona Basque in Black
  • Mirabel Basque in Cream
  • Lucila Bodysuit in Violet/Black
  • Lucila Bodysuit in Red/Black
  • Sheer Stretch Fishnet Hold Ups in Black
  • Sheer Stretch Seam & Heel Hold Ups in Nude/Black
  • Sheer Stretch Seam & Heel Stockings in Nude/Black
  • Sheer Seam & Heel Stockings in Black

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