Kiss Me Deadly…

Kiss Me Deadly-00When it comes to vintage there are a few places to look for the very best foundations around and “Kiss Me Deadly” is a great place to start. So, pull on your stockings, clip those clasps, zip up, strap in, tie off, and go strut your stuff!

“Kiss Me Deadly is a small, independent lingerie brand based in England. The brand started back in 2006, when the founder decided that she was thoroughly fed up of searching for a good suspender belt set, and went off to make her own. The result? Kiss Me Deadly – a lingerie, loungewear and swimwear brand designed for femme fatales!”

I’ve posted a ton of plates here for you to enjoy, literally covering their entire history so not every piece is available. Nonetheless, you will most certainly find something to your fancy from their current line. I love this lingerie so much…

Kiss Me Deadly-01 Kiss Me Deadly-02 Kiss Me Deadly-03 Kiss Me Deadly-04
Kiss Me Deadly-05 Kiss Me Deadly-06 Kiss Me Deadly-07 Kiss Me Deadly-08
Kiss Me Deadly-09 Kiss Me Deadly-10 Kiss Me Deadly-11 Kiss Me Deadly-12
  • Day Corset & 6 Strap Suspender Belt
  • Gartered Underbust Corset
  • Fan Laced Girdle
  • Pull On Van Doren Suspender Belt
  • Ivory Classic Girdle
  • Ivory Classic Suspender Belt
Kiss Me Deadly-13 Kiss Me Deadly-14 Kiss Me Deadly-15 Kiss Me Deadly-16
Kiss Me Deadly-17 Kiss Me Deadly-18 Kiss Me Deadly-19 Kiss Me Deadly-20
Kiss Me Deadly-21 Kiss Me Deadly-22 Kiss Me Deadly-23 Kiss Me Deadly-24
  • Monochrome Printed Longline Girdles
  • Vargas Girdles
  • Van Doren Suspender Belts
Kiss Me Deadly-25 Kiss Me Deadly-26 Kiss Me Deadly-27 Kiss Me Deadly-28
Kiss Me Deadly-29 Kiss Me Deadly-30 Kiss Me Deadly-31 Kiss Me Deadly-32
Kiss Me Deadly-33 Kiss Me Deadly-34 Kiss Me Deadly-35 Kiss Me Deadly-36
  • Mimi Laced Girdle
  • Mimi Sheer Girdle
  • Alouette Gartered Corselette
  • Delacroix Black & Ivory Suspender Belt
  • Alouette Pink Suspender Belt
  • Red Sirena Suspender Belt
Kiss Me Deadly-37 Kiss Me Deadly-38 Kiss Me Deadly-39 Kiss Me Deadly-40
Kiss Me Deadly-41 Kiss Me Deadly-42 Kiss Me Deadly-43 Kiss Me Deadly-44
Kiss Me Deadly-45 Kiss Me Deadly-46 Kiss Me Deadly-47 Kiss Me Deadly-48
  • Alouette Gold Gartered Waist Nipper
  • Alouette Gold Suspender Belt
  • Jolie Black & Red Gartered Corset
  • Jolie Black & Red Suspender Belt
  • Pink Printed Vargas Longline Girdle
  • Red Sirena Panty Girdle
Kiss Me Deadly-49 Kiss Me Deadly-50 Kiss Me Deadly-51 Kiss Me Deadly-52
Kiss Me Deadly-53 Kiss Me Deadly-54 Kiss Me Deadly-55 Kiss Me Deadly-56
Kiss Me Deadly-57 Kiss Me Deadly-58 Kiss Me Deadly-59 Kiss Me Deadly-60
  • Amelie Suspender Belt
  • Beth Gartered Basque
  • Candy Box Suspender Belt
  • Alouette Blue Gartered Waist Nipper
  • Candy Bow Corselette
  • Alouette Red Suspender Belt
Kiss Me Deadly-61 Kiss Me Deadly-62 Kiss Me Deadly-63 Kiss Me Deadly-64
Kiss Me Deadly-65 Kiss Me Deadly-66 Kiss Me Deadly-67 Kiss Me Deadly-68
Kiss Me Deadly-69 Kiss Me Deadly-70 Kiss Me Deadly-71 Kiss Me Deadly-72
  • Diamond Van Doren Suspender Belt
  • Jolie Suspender Belt
  • Monochrome Printed Longline Girdle
  • Vargas Floral Girdles
  • Vargas Gartered Corselettes
  • Voltini Girdles
Kiss Me Deadly-73 Kiss Me Deadly-74 Kiss Me Deadly-75 Kiss Me Deadly-76
Kiss Me Deadly-77 Kiss Me Deadly-78 Kiss Me Deadly-79 Kiss Me Deadly-80
Kiss Me Deadly-81 Kiss Me Deadly-82 Kiss Me Deadly-83 Kiss Me Deadly-84
  • Peachy Keen Corselettes
  • Virgin Ouvert Pantygirdle & Lace Suspender Belt
  • Miss Mandalay Pantygirlde & Suspender Belt
  • Divine Roll On Girdle
  • Peachy Keen Suspender Belt
  • Leopard Van Doren Suspender Belt
  • Black Pinstripe Girdle
  • Blue DeVille Pantygirdle
  • Fifi Long Line Girdle
Kiss Me Deadly-85 Kiss Me Deadly-86 Kiss Me Deadly-87 Kiss Me Deadly-88
Kiss Me Deadly-89 Kiss Me Deadly-90 Kiss Me Deadly-91 Kiss Me Deadly-92
Kiss Me Deadly-93 Kiss Me Deadly-94 Kiss Me Deadly-95 Kiss Me Deadly-96
  • Amelie Long Line Girdle
  • Champagne Pantygirdle
  • Optic Suspender Belt
  • Peach Vargas Corselette
  • Multiway Vargas Corselette
  • Jolie Black & Red Corselette
  • Lydia Long Line Girdle
  • Sirena Corselette
  • Alouette Black Garter Belt
  • Alouette Black Girdle
  • Vargas Long Line Girdle

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