Jan 3rd 2016…

Jan 3rd 2016Wanna hear some BS? Last year on Jan 3rd I was getting dressed, thinking about my resolutions, and I snagged a stocking. After the profanity, I threw it in the hamper and scuttled away, slipping into a spare on the way out the door. I thought to myself, “I wonder just how much hosiery I shredded last year?” Alas, I had a plan… I would save all my runners (just the word makes me angry!) and at the end of the year I would know! Well, ladies and gentlemen, the fruits of my labor –  the genesis of my idea realized at last. Isn’t it depressing. There must be over 50 pair there, plus odds and ends… Just remember, each of these represents a spike in my blood pressure. And, to boot, I ripped my left leg this morning. It must be Karma?… The final question is, of course, what to do with them now?… Oh, and you figure, at least, $20 per pair, you do the math. My legs are worth it.

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