Calvin’s UnderWhere?…

CK-Lingerie 15-00After my stockings, bodysuits sit nearest to my heart (literally & figuratively!) So, I was recently intrigued to find out “Calvin Klein” has some rather interesting offerings in their Fall 2015 underwear line.

I never looked to Calvin for my finer ‘underthings’ but came across these and couldn’t resist trying them out. If one looks online, most of CK’s line falls into the traditional bra and panty range they are usually known for. I must admit, I have no idea how long ago they forayed into this new direction but then again, stumbling across new lingerie options is half the fun!

Not overly pricey, with good quality (albeit I haven’t yet put them through an extended test run) and fun, feminine styles, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised thus far. Check back with me in the new year and perhaps I’ll update you after I walk in (and wear) these for a few hundred more miles…

CK-Lingerie 15-01 CK-Lingerie 15-02 CK-Lingerie 15-03 CK-Lingerie 15-04
CK-Lingerie 15-05 CK-Lingerie 15-06 CK-Lingerie 15-07 CK-Lingerie 15-08
CK-Lingerie 15-09 CK-Lingerie 15-10 CK-Lingerie 15-11 CK-Lingerie 15-12
CK-Lingerie 15-13 CK-Lingerie 15-14 CK-Lingerie 15-15 CK-Lingerie 15-16
CK-Lingerie 15-17 CK-Lingerie 15-18 CK-Lingerie 15-19 CK-Lingerie 15-20
CK-Lingerie 15-21 CK-Lingerie 15-22 CK-Lingerie 15-23 CK-Lingerie 15-24
CK-Lingerie 15-25 CK-Lingerie 15-26 CK-Lingerie 15-27 CK-Lingerie 15-28
CK-Lingerie 15-29 CK-Lingerie 15-30 CK-Lingerie 15-31 CK-Lingerie 15-32
  • Calvin Klein Evocative Lace Bodysuit
  • Calvin Klein Fearless Merrywidow Bustier
  • Calvin Klein Merry Widow Corset
  • Calvin Klein Mesh Teddy
  • Calvin Klein Primal Bodysuit
  • Calvin Klein Primal Bodysuit
  • Calvin Klein Rebel Bodysuit
  • Calvin Klein Underwear Etched Bodysuit
  • Calvin Klein Underwear Stretch Lace Bodysuit

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