Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea…

Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea” – soooo yummy and good for me (I can’t get enough of this). I keep a few bottles in the fridge and sneak a gulp whenever I need a boost. Yes I drink straight out of the bottle! All their beverages are delicious, a bit pricey but worth every penny.

The Vanilla Chai Tea is a smooth blend of brewed green tea, heart healthy soy protein, chai spices and a hint of vanilla flavor – it’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Made with smooth tasting, high quality soy milk, lactose free, gluten free, no GMO’s, low fat and cholesterol free. Each bottle contains 0.24mg of caffeine per serving (one cup of brewed coffee contains 115mg).

Available from Bolthouse Farms (ala most local organic grocers)


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