Bluebella Has Great Suspender Belts!…

Hold on… Or “Hold Up” in this case… “Bluebella” Has Great Suspender Belts! Check them out…

You know I’m a freak for my hosiery… Among other things!?! On those occasions I opt for stockings instead of tights or hold-ups, I need a great suspender belt. “What makes for a great suspender belt” you might ask? Well, good fit, NO DIGGING IN, no slippage, no see-thru, good movement when sitting/standing/walking/(running)/other?, good at holding your stockings up (obviously), good quality, makes you feel great, AND METAL CLASPS!… That’s what.

And these seem to fit the bill, and at very reasonable prices too. A sample of what I’m wearing is below, and so far, so good. Oh, everything they sell pretty much comes in sets too (à la carte), so that’s fabulous. Check them out.

Oh, they even have a student discount with their “Student Beans”! How cool is that? I’m too old now, but you might not be!…

Pull… Straighten… Slip… Clip… Straighten… Go!

  • Metis Suspender Belt
  • Laura Suspender Belt
  • Caterina Suspender Belt
  • Laura Rose Dust Suspender Belt
  • Angelina Suspender Belt

Available From Bluebella

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