All Wrapped Up In Diane von Furstenberg…

DVF Wraps2-00It’s cold out! So, take a very hot shower, throw on a great bodysuit, pull up some sleek stockings and wrap yourself up in one of these “Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dresses!”Don’t forget the heels!…

I must have 100 wraps in my closet. No kidding, no apologies! As long as I have the discipline to keep my body nice and fit, I’ll wear nothing but wraps wherever a suit won’t do and my jeans can’t go. Slinky, sexy and flattering, you can never go wrong with a great wrap dress.

And, when Diane has a sale, I’m always there to buy! In this lot I have the Valencia (in blue diamond), and the Julian (in oasis snake orange). “Oasis Snake Orange” how awesome is that? I need the job picking the names of the colors for the clothes I love to buy!…

Valencia Printed Wrap Dress (hex maze black)
Knit jersey dress (93% viscose, 7% spandex)

DVF Wraps2-01 DVF Wraps2-02 DVF Wraps2-03

Valencia Belted Wrap Dress (blue diamond)
Knit jersey dress (93% viscose, 7% spandex)

DVF Wraps2-04 DVF Wraps2-05 DVF Wraps2-06

Julian Graphic Wrap Dress (oasis snake orange)
Knit jersey dress (93% viscose, 7% spandex)

DVF Wraps2-07 DVF Wraps2-08 DVF Wraps2-09

Bentley Draped V-Neck Dress (ruby red)
Knit jersey dress (93% rayon, 7% spandex)

DVF Wraps2-10 DVF Wraps2-11 DVF Wraps2-12

Autumn Split Sleeve Wrap Dress (blue diamond)
Knit jersey dress (48% silk, 45% nylon, 7% spandex)

DVF Wraps2-13 DVF Wraps2-14 DVF Wraps2-15

Abigail Spread Collar Belted Wrap Maxi Dress (black)
Knit jersey dress (100% rayon)

DVF Wraps2-16 DVF Wraps2-17 DVF Wraps2-18

Available From Diane von Furstenberg

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