A Rose… By Any Other Name…

A Rose... By Any Other Name...It may be fall, but you can still find yourself some beautiful roses! Look no further than the “Uye Surana Flora Mirage” collection…

I love this lingerie for so many reasons… It’s beautiful (obviously), it’s from a small independent designer (you go girl!), and it’s highly original… It’s just amazing… Their collection is still rather limited but they have a lovely selection so check them out.

I’ll be wrapping my legs in these stockings so you should too! And speaking of “twos” be sure to follow my golden rule: “Why buy one when you can get two!” Alas, it would be a tragedy to ladder these so go for a spare pair while you’re there!!!

Uye Surana is an independent lingerie brand based out of a small studio in NYC. Aside from lingerie, they also make an assortment of loungewear, clothing, jewelry, beauty products & more. Each design utilizes high-quality materials — airy silks, easy mesh, intricate lace — meticulously handcrafted, often by the designer herself.

  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Collection
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Wrap Band Bralette
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Stockings
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Tights
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Wrap-Around Cami
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Garter Belt
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Panty
  • Flora Mirage Rose Garden Bodysuit

Available From Uye Surana

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