sci-fi “4th of” – A “Paige” From My Childhood …

Anyone who had a dad or brothers undoubtedly picked up a few things over the years. The girls who overemphasize this, like an unbinding, faithful devotion to the team (especially when the boys are around) really kind of bug… Nonetheless many of us have some amount of residual square, geek, dork, nerd (blah…blah…) in us that manifests itself from time to time, with a ladies touch.

For me, it’s Sci-Fi. I know, it’s bad, but what can I do, that’s one of the things that rubbed off! With this in mind might I suggest “Tron Uprising” on Disney. Even those not a fan of “Tron” will recognize the production quality here.

Paige” is one of the main characters; sort of a good girl/bad girl assassin type with an attitude (and the skills) to boot! It’s great watching a woman boss everyone around, kick ass and play the game so well like a pro. The world they’ve created is magical (and her colleague is played like a real weasel by Paul Reubens) … “mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho”…

Ohh, and the sci-fi thing,,, unfortunately,,, it does get a bit worse

Tron Uprising on Disney

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