A Mix Of Marciano…

Marciano Mix-00Hey, I likes what I likes and whatever strikes my fancy is fine by me! A mix of recent pieces from “Marciano” to round out my holiday shopping spree… Well, almost!…

Needless to say, the blouses (and the bodysuit!!!) definitely fall into the workwear side of my wardrobe but all could easily find their way into one of my less formal outfits. The dresses were all impulse on my part… ranging from semi-formal, to casual dressy, to just plain slinky and sexy.

As is often the case, I simply went into this spree with no plan or expectations other than to find something at a great price that tickles my fancy… Mission accomplished!

Daria Bodysuit

Marciano Mix-01 Marciano Mix-02 Marciano Mix-03 Marciano Mix-04

Daria Blouse

Marciano Mix-05 Marciano Mix-06 Marciano Mix-07 Marciano Mix-08
Marciano Mix-09 Marciano Mix-10

Carnaby Calla Blouse

Marciano Mix-11 Marciano Mix-12

Diva Dress

Marciano Mix-13 Marciano Mix-14 Marciano Mix-15 Marciano Mix-16

Evangeline Dress

Marciano Mix-17 Marciano Mix-18

Reta Dress

Marciano Mix-19 Marciano Mix-20 Marciano Mix-21 Marciano Mix-22

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