Shoe Fetish: You’re Not Fired Yet, Ivanka…

First, I hate it when you find something end-of (or out-of) season and no one has your size or the color/style/pattern… you want. Ugggggghhhh! – you’ll see what I mean later…

I found these “Ivanka Trump Chalta Pumps” on sale so I grabbed them. Superior quality, leather sole and upper, I like the “V” cut vamp, not too pointy (remember I am a size 10), excellent stitching, high but not too high, stiletto (of course), beautifully soft leather, cool color, true to fit and they even smell wonderful. So, after all that what do I really have to say??? I’m not yet sold

As I mentioned, being no fan of “the Donald” his daughter seems to make some decent footwear. The last pair of her shoes I “acquired” seem to work pretty well for me (in their limited capacity) – oh just read about them here!… Anyway, these just plain walk funny. All designers use a standard set of templates for the sole/arch/heel of the shoe so generally speaking if one pair feels good, chances are similar styles from the same season will too. My assumption aside, these don’t feel anything like the first pair, they seem to rock as I walk (as if they were rails on a rocking chair). They throw me off a bit and I have logged 1,000’s of hour in heels so I can handle myself like a big girl. Thank You!

Perhaps they’ll even out with a few days “running in” and my worries will be in vain. As Mr. Humphries always says… “Don’t worry, they’ll ride up with wear!…”

Available at Ivanka Trump & Nordstrom

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