Shoe Fetish: To Have or Have Not?…

I don’t know what to do… I’m simply at a loss… I have no idea, no clue… I know what I should do but what I want to do is something completely different… What oh what should I do??? Oh sorry…

My “Maxstudio Mali Knee-High Boots” arrived about five days ago (Ohh, we haven’t done boots yet…) and they melt in your mouth. Every day since, I have tried them on and come to the same conclusion… I am totally screwed! Why? Because they’re a half-size too small. Why did I buy them one-half size too small? Because although I can afford them, I get off on finding a $330.00 pair of boots for a fraction of the price which means, end of season which means, you take what you can get

They fit (a tiny bit snugly) but they’re walkable. I didn’t pay full price but they’re still “expensive” as expensive goes so I’m torn… They’re magnificent! – beautifully made, unique and very versatile. Keep or return? Not decided yet

All leather, shaft approximately 16″ from arch, 4 1/4″ elegant heel, 3/4″ platform, boot opening measures 14 1/4″ around, available in black or taupe.

No longer available from Maxstudio

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