Shoe Fetish: Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Pumps…

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these “Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Pumps” was “Party like it’s 1999!“… And it just so happens, I was right!

Blue, purple, black, tan, silver I had no idea what color these really were, but the box said “Party“… How about that… It sealed the deal! That, and the fact they were sitting on the clearance rack. I’ve got mad shoe skills!

My gift as a savant aside, I had a big problem… What the heck to wear these with? So many colors, so many options… Hmmm? I always think and buy for work first. But with these, I thought of only fun. I was wrong. I tried these with so many (non-work) dresses and couldn’t find one that worked for me so I set them on my dresser to let them stir in my mind for a few days.

About a week later, I slipped on a lovely pair of classic black pumps, grabbed my bag, and headed out for the day. I froze at the door, looked down, spun around, and turned my frown upside down… I ran to my bedroom, grabbed the “Party” shoes, and promptly swapped them with my classic blacks. Standing by the mirror, I gazed at them and happened to notice they were absolutely splendid with the white Versace (double-breasted!) pantsuit I had dawned for the day. Alas! Success! They were absolutely fabulous for work…

Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet broken them in so I quickly changed back into my pumps and headed out. I was late… A small price to pay!

I suppose I’m not such a savant after all…

  • High heel, ankle strap pumps
  • Suede upper
  • Logo plate at strap
  • Side touch fastener tab closure
  • Covered 4.25″ heel
  • Available in Party
  • Made in Italy!

Available From Giuseppe Zanotti

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