Shoe Fetish: Amberleigh Snakeskin Embossed Pump…

amberleigh snakeskin-00These Snakeskin Embossed Pumps from ‘Kathryn Amberleigh‘ are luxurious! I picked up purple (of course) and the red but you can find them in a number of different great colors.

One little thing though, watch your stockings! You’ll have no problems with these throughout the day unless you put one foot behind the other and drag the top of your shoe up the back of your leg (on the calf)… The snakeskin might snag – like mine did! Now, normally this would make me furiously cry but it was my bad and I really like these shoes so I just clenched my teeth. Just take care

amberleigh snakeskin-01 amberleigh snakeskin-02 amberleigh snakeskin-03
amberleigh snakeskin-04 amberleigh snakeskin-05 amberleigh snakeskin-06
amberleigh snakeskin-07 amberleigh snakeskin-08 amberleigh snakeskin-09
amberleigh snakeskin-10 amberleigh snakeskin-11 amberleigh snakeskin-12
amberleigh snakeskin-13 amberleigh snakeskin-14 amberleigh snakeskin-15
amberleigh snakeskin-16 amberleigh snakeskin-17 amberleigh snakeskin-18
amberleigh snakeskin-19 amberleigh snakeskin-20 amberleigh snakeskin-21
amberleigh snakeskin-22 amberleigh snakeskin-23 amberleigh snakeskin-24
  • Snakeskin Embossed Leather Upper
  • Leather Insole & Sole
  • 4.5″ Heel; 3/4″ Platform Sole

Also, this style runs slightly small so you might consider sizing up half a size!

Available From Kathryn Amberleigh

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