Shoe Fetish: Alexandre Birman Python & Leather Cut-Out Sandals…

Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-00To stand up to the boys you need one thing… Power! And these “Alexandre Birman Python & Leather Cut-Out Sandals” will give you all the voltage required!

When I saw these, I immediately felt my inner warrior channeling (and I got a bit weak in the knees!) I have a fantastic tan, double-breasted, Armani pant-suit that was made for these like blue was made for the sky! These shoes are like beautiful armor for your feet that will not only make an impression, they will elevate your status (and your height) to match any boy in the board room and beyond!

In my case, 4 inch heels actually put me a bit above most men as I’m a sturdy 5’10” in my birthday suit. As I’ve mentioned… short on the boobs but thankfully blessed with legs up to my earlobes! Ha ha ha…

The color (merlot) not only sounds wonderful, it gives them a very sophisticated, classic, elegant style. And the hint of python is a great way to stick it to the boys! No man would dare wear anything python where I labor but alas, I can do what I please!…

For what it’s worth, I’d suggest you stick with trousers here. For whatever reason when paired with a skirt or dress these seem a bit overwhelming to me but with trousers they fit like peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream! I know, the metaphors are getting a little thin, but I’m inspired by spring!…

Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-01 Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-02 Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-03
Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-04 Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-05 Alexandre Birman Cut-Out-06
  • High heel sandals
  • Leather and python upper, leather insole and sole
  • Multiple leather and python straps at vamp
  • Back zip closure
  • 4″ covered heel, ½” hidden platform
  • Available in merlot/natural

Available From Alexandre Birman

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