Shoe Fetish: Alexandre Birman Laced Dress Pumps…

Birman LDP-00Rolling right along… I love my work clothes! I love to look tailored, sophisticated and stylish! I love quality, style and variety, especially in my footwear! Thus, you can see why I was drawn to these “Alexandre Birman Laced Dress Pumps.”

Made of soft, supple suede, these really feel wonderful and after a long day at the office, they felt so comfortable I didn’t want to take them off! The lacing is a really nice touch and makes for a unique look, different from most anything else I have.

It never ceases to amaze me that I am able to constantly find great footwear that’s new and unique given my ever growing collection of shoes. What a wonderful world we live in!…

Birman LDP-01 Birman LDP-02 Birman LDP-03
Birman LDP-04 Birman LDP-05
Birman LDP-06 Birman LDP-07 Birman LDP-08
Birman LDP-09 Birman LDP-10
  • Laced detail
  • 4.5″ heel
  • Suede leather upper
  • Leather lining & sole
  • Available in havana or black

Available From Alexandre Birman

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