Shoe Fetish: Aldo Unelilian Pumps…

Aldo Unelilian-00“Unelilian”… this word seems shomehow appropriate for these shoes! In any case, these “Aldo Unelilian Pumps” will wrap your feet (and your ankles) is soft, sexy, stylish suede…

I’m thinking a dress, spring flingy, or a pencil skirt perhaps. I bought both colors so I’m spoiled for choice. In any case, these are cool shoes. I melt for the light brown suede… So Yummy!

So far, no slippage on the ankle straps but I’ve yet to walk any significant distance in these. Otherwise they’re lovely: comfortable to walk in and wear…

Aldo Unelilian-01 Aldo Unelilian-02 Aldo Unelilian-03
Aldo Unelilian-04 Aldo Unelilian-05 Aldo Unelilian-06
  • Multi-strap ankle wrap
  • Pointy toe
  • 4.25″ covered heel
  • Suede upper, synthetic sole
  • Available in black or light brown suede

Available From Aldo

2 thoughts on “Shoe Fetish: Aldo Unelilian Pumps…

  1. Michael

    Bonjour, la fille d’Aubade! You have very fine taste – in shoes (these are perfectly lovely and feminine), as well as in other matters – lingerie, science fiction (“The Chronicles of Riddick”!), politics, food…
    I’m glad as well to see that you are an excellent writer – a rare quality these days. Unfortunately, there have been no blog entries from you for quite a while…I hope all is well.

    1. aubadegirl Post author

      Merci Michael! I’m glad you enjoy my closet… All is well, I just had to take a little sabbatical for something work related. But, I’m back so I’ll be posting regularly so visit again soon. And yes, I do have fine taste in shoes (if I do say so myself!)… Cheers – Aubadegirl


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