Eat Milka, By Happy…

milka-00If you want real chocolate, eat Milka! I’ll do nasty things for people who give this to me. It’s the best gift ever but you’ll eat half of what you buy to give away…

milka-01 milka-02 milka-03
milka-04 milka-05 milka-06
milka-07 milka-08 milka-09

The last one’s called “Winter” freakin’ “Dreams”

milka-11 milka-12 milka-13 milka-14

milka-15You won’t find a good selection (or any selection) of Milka at most local stores. Your best bet is to find a good European grocer. You can order it online, but a trip to the local Euro-mart may uncover some other hidden treasures…


Get it From Milka

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