Addi’s Tandoor – Redendo Beach, CA…

addis-01Next time you’re in Redendo Beach and don’t feel like playing on the beach go eat at “Addi’s Tandoor” where you will enjoy some of the finest Indian cuisine on the continent. This little family spot is a true gem of the west coast

I particularly recommend the Paneer or Navratan Khorma, Vegetable Makhani or Channa Palak (and don’t forget the Garlic Nan!). Plus, being in California, the wine list is exceedingly kind and pleasurable.

addis-02Whenever I’m on business there, the “guys” usually go to a steakhouse or some fancy seafood place but I always skirt off to one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall types like Addi’s. This place doesn’t look like much from the street but the food is outstanding and the service is top notch! You couldn’t do better for authentic, family table Indian food.


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